Raider Nations Message Has Been Felt ‘We Will Never Die’

Raider Nation will always push for the best.

During last Sunday's game against KC, Raiders fans everywhere showed everyone in the country that the Nation will never die.

I have played in almost every NFL stadium and have a good feel for most of the fan base.  Now, I am not just saying this because I have love for the Raider Nation, but  McAfee stadium on Sunday afternoon in the rain was one of the craziest stadiums I have ever been apart of in all my years playing and attending.

When the Raiders went in at half time with zero on the scoreboard, the fans didn't even flinch.  There was something special going on in that stadium and everyone felt it.  When Ford returned the second half kickoff, McAfee Stadium blew up like a nuclear bomb, from that point on the Raiders dominated until it became embarrassing. 

Something big happened in Week 9 of the NFL. It wasn't Brett Favre crying about how his team can't pull it together, and it wasn't another story on how the Saints are having  Super Bowl hangover.  It was the Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation finally pushing through all of the BS and getting to the other side.

Half of this story is how the Raiders put together a come from behind win over the Kansas City Chiefs to take over the division. Today I am here to talk about the Raider Nation and their loyalty that is second to none..  

If you consider yourself part of the Raider Nation, I am talking directly to you.  As a player I was amazed at the strength and unity between Raider fans. Unlike many NFL fans the Nation does not get star struck when a big named player comes to play for the Raiders.  The Nation knows that the game of football begins and ends with the fans, and players are only the coming attractions. 

Raider Nation has seen more NFL g...

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