Raider Nation: What Does Signing Jason Campbell Mean For JaMarcus Russell?

The Raiders have just acquired Jason Campbell in a trade for a fourth round draft pick with the Washington Redskins.

Does signing Jason Campbell mean he'll automatically be Oakland's starter?

Well, he has put up some decent numbers, has been playing for six seasons, and has been a starter in Washington for a while. So yeah, Campbell will Oakland's starter.

But what does singing Jason Campbell mean for JaMarcus Russell?

It means a lot. Before acquiring Campbell, it was announced that the Raiders will start Russell for the upcoming 2010-11 season. They were gonna give him one last chance. But I guess that 3 TD 11 INT year messed up his chance.

Probably the 2009 season was his last chance.

So does it mean that JaMarcus Russell will forever be a backup QB? Not necessarily. I think the Raiders can develop Russell. They have a trainer to help him out, keep him healthy and work on his skills.

Campbell could also be a bit of a mentor to Russell, although they are probably three years apart. But Campbell has more experience of being a starter so he can help out Russell.

Campbell was lucky enough to be mentored by the quarterbacks in front of him on the Redskins roster before becoming a starter.

But for Russell, he found out the hard way.

But now, JaMarcus has better opportunities. In my opinion, the Raiders will keep him for this season. Let him get familiar with Campbell. Let him get more mentored. Russell does have what it takes, it's just that no one really wants to help him.

Another thing, Russell will have to get more in the game. When preseason hits, I look forward to seeing an improvement in JaMarcus. The Raiders future is looking bright right now.

And maybe, just maybe, Russell will receive a starting spot again soon. Maybe with the Raiders, or not.

This acquisition doesn't necessarily hurt Russell.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders