Raider Nation Pleased with Mediocrity

I can't believe how many Raider fans I hear talking about how Bruce Gradkowski gives the Raiders a "chance to win" as if this is some kind of moral victory. Sheesh! Over the past week I have heard some of the lamest excuses as to why Bruce Gradkowski is the man in Oakland. Al Davis will have to change "Just win Baby" to "Just try to win, please."

Maybe Raider Nation is suffering from post-traumatic stress after the JaMarcus Russell debacle in 2009. Raider Nation is convinced that the quarterback is the most important position regardless of names like Bo Jackson, Tyrone Wheatley, Marcus Allen, and Charlie Garner. No matter how well others play on offense, Bruce Gradkowski is set up to get none of the blame when they lose and all of the credit when if they win.

Never mind the fact the Raiders can't get a stop on third down, they can't block anybody, and they are the most penalty-prone team in the league. Again.

I don't have a problem with Grad as a backup in case of emergency. But I'm not driving 100 miles on a donut, if you know what I mean. They just aren't built for that. The Raiders will have to rely on the running game heavily, which could be done with anyone under center.

The Raiders need the energy of the young guys, even if they make mistakes. Look what K.C. is doing with their young guys. Players like Mike Mitchell and Nick Miller can't get off the bench despite the energy they bring. Coach Cable said that Gradkowski comes in because of his energy, but it only applies to Gradkowski.

I don't have any answers for the Raiders or Raider Nation. The NFL sucks when the Raiders do.

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