Raider Legend: Marcus Allen the Most Complete Running Back in NFL History

Raider fans that were around in 1984 could never forget the greatest run in Super Bowl History. Marcus Allen starts left, comes back right, then finds a hole in the middle and bursts through the line en route to a then Super Bowl record 74 yard touchdown run.

That was the run that he would be most remembered by. Two years later, Allen made as assault on the record books by setting the record for total yards from scrimmage. Allen rushed for 1,759 yards that year. He also caught 67 balls for 555 yards that year. This would boost Allen's case as the most complete running back in NFL history.

Emmitt Smith and Marshall Faulk were at one time given that mantle, as they were known for picking up the blitz as well as running and catching. LaDainian Tomlinson was the most recent to get the mantle, as throwing became a part of his arsenal to add to the other abilities.

Allen lined up at receiver just as Faulk did. He threw the ball 60-70 yards down the field in comparison to Tomlinson's 10-15 yard throws. He was a short yardage specialist like Smith and Tomlinson but there was an area that he was better than all three of these men.

Allen was a dominant blocker. Just ask Mike Golic, a former defensive tackle and one-time Cleveland Brown. In a game that the Raiders played against the Browns, Allen put Golic on his back. Golic then had to leave the game for a while. 

1987, Al Davis drafted Super Phenom Bo Jackson. Allen then showed just how complete he was by volunteering to play full back as he had done before in helping Charles White win the Heisman at USC.

Could you picture the other three as lead blockers?

Despite Davis' ploy to keep Allen out of the Hall of Fame by benching him, Allen is one of only a few of backs to rush for over 10,000 and receive for over 5,000 yards for a career. A quarterback in high school, he could ...

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