Psychology or Pathology Drive Decision-Making of The Oakland Raiders Franchise?

I already know that I don't know enough to make decisions about the situation with the Oakland Raiders. That's exactly why I do so much research on the team.

After reading so many articles and comments, I have to admit that I am concerned that the Raider Nation is either dealing with genius so far ahead of the crowd that some are confounded about the decision-making process.

It could be pathology, however, that is driving the franchise in a strange pattern, according to some observers.

The situation reminds me of students who progress too slowly to attain mastery by the time of the final examination. Yes, they make progress, but the rate of progress is not sufficient to reach the goal within a semester.

The professor will post his grades, but the student failed himself. The professor looks like the bad guy, but the student is really the bad guy because the student did not attain the level of proficiency or satisfy the criteria for the course.

In that case, an F is posted.

In professional football, a contract is allowed to expire or the head coach is terminated. In either case, the coaching position experiences a change.

So, if Al Davis and others are concerned about the rate of progress, then the recent decisions make sense to some of us. Otherwise, there is a need to explain a few things.

Unless some of us have missed something somewhere, there is still not an official announcement that Hue Jackson is the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Why is there a delay in announcing this, if in fact Jackson is the next choice for the Oakland Raiders?

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