Problem Solved! The Oakland Raiders Should Move Robert Gallery To LT

Although the Raiders have made a lot of improvements this offseason, one question still remains unanswered: Can somebody solidify the LT position?

Going into the 2010 season, the front runner for the job is Mario Henderson. He has potential, but it just hasn't materialized on the field.  He has a few very strong performances against guys like Mario Williams and Kyle Vandenbosch among others so you know he has what it takes. It appears that it is his job to lose going into camp. 

Another possibility is Khalif Barnes, but that doesn't seem likely because the Raiders have wanted him to play RT since they acquired the former Jaguar. He does have a few solid years under his belt as the LT of a very strong unit in Jacksonville. 

My answer to the LT problem is moving Robert Gallery, our best offensive lineman, to the position that is most important to your QB's health since he has all the tools it takes. He never really got his fair shot at LT. He started his career at RT for the Raiders, and gave up just six sacks in two years. He was then moved to LT and gave up 10 sacks in 11 games. After that one season at LT, he was moved to LG where he has since settled in.

I know giving up 10 sacks in just 11 games is terrible, but you have to remember that was in the 2006 season, the worst year in franchise history. The team we had was terrible. The coaches that were running things were terrible. You guys all remember that Bed & Breakfast offense right?

So what I am saying is that one year at LT that Gallery got wasn't enough. I think if they started him at LT from the beginning, he would be an All Pro by now. I just think it is time for Gallery to get another chance at LT. I am confident he is our best option at LT right now. 

LT is the most important position on the offensive line so why not have your best offensive lineman play that position?

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