Praiseworthy is the Oakland Raider Who Does Not Walk, Stand, Sit with Bad Folks

One of my BR colleagues made reference to praying for the Oakland Raiders. Well, that is a good idea.

Yesterday, I spent time with my family and we looked at a movie called "Love and Basketball."

One thing I can tell you: the script of the movie had an honest line about the great temptations that line up in the locker room, at the hotels, and in other places.

The professional athlete has to have a "Herculean moral character" to resist those temptations that come with the territory.

Now, some people admit that they are now strong due to their recovery from past failures.

Some people deal with the reality that those temptations do not stack up so frequently as you get older. Is that right? Right or not, it is an opinion.

Now, old men please put yourselves in the shoes of the young men. And, women of all ages, just remember the days of your youth. 

Did you resist those temptations during the prime of your career in professional sports or whatever your profession?

If you succeeded in resisting all of those temptations, can you tell the young men (and women, too) what to do to avoid the pitfalls, accusations, paternity lawsuits, and other stuff (whether true or false) that gets "chunked" in the faces of these young NFL players, and others.

Yes, I agree with my colleague. In order to build a winning team, we must be mindful of whatever nonsense that may be lurking out there to distract our team. Let's pull for these young men to be shielded.

We hope that they will not suffer any unusual distractions.

We need them to gain a precision-type focus that assists in attaining victories on the playing field.

Now close your eyes, if you like; and get down on your knees, if you can. And say your "prayer" for these talented young men who we cheer to victory, if you so chose to do so.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders