Playoff Frenzy Begins In San Diego As Chargers Devoured By Silver and Black !!!

 The Oakland Raiders played like the "true champions" they are by defeating the San Diego Chargers 28-13 in San Diego! At 6-6 the Oakland Raiders are perfect in the AFC West and have kept themselves "in the hunt" for the playoffs. The San Diego Chargers were pretty much fed to a fearsome Raider defense!.

The game started with the Oakland Raider special teams turning over the ball when kick returner Darren Sproles fumbled the ball after the hit by Hirem Eugene. Darren Sproles should have left the game at this point, because the Raiders played on all 12 cylinders in a one-sided game and he was fated to be a victim of the Oakland defense!.

Offensively it was a four headed beast with Jason Campbell and RBs Marcel Reece, Michael Bush  and Darren McFadden. Both Darren McFadden ( 19 attempts for 97 yds )and Michael Bush (23 attempts for 95 yards) scored a TD each.

  QB Jason Campbell, who now has my confidence as the future QB for the team, has improved greatly!  He ran in for a TD at the start and his throwing was much sharper.. The most noticeable  change was that he ran a lot more and seemed comfortable. There was a scare in the game when it appeared he injured his foot , but he came back and later in the game was able to sneak a pass to Louis Murphy that fooled even the cameraman.

 The Oakland Raiders running attack literally pounded the Chargers and exploited their weakness. This was a must win game for the Silver and Black and it seemed everyone (except me) considered this game to be another loss. Yet, the Raiders believed and so do I.

 The Oakland Raiders can win at least three more. The San Diego Chargers could simply not stop the powerful Oakland Raiders. This team is fast and ferocious!

Rolando McClain put an absolutely punishing blow (concussion delivering), locker room sending hit on Darren Sproles. Very reminiscent of legendary Oakland Raider punisher Jack Tatu...

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