Peyton Manning Rumors: Why Manning in Denver Would Doom Oakland Raiders

The current state of the Indianapolis Colts is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent NFL offseasons: a full-blown fire sale atmosphere. Everything must go! If it ain’t bolted to the ground, it can be had! As an Oakland A’s fan, I am familiar with this concept: The team gets a little long in the tooth, veterans are making too much money and you find yourself in an unsustainable situation—something has got to give.

But in the NFL, this is a rare occurrence. You hardly ever see an NFL team so willingly and swiftly blowing up the entire roster and committing to a full-on rebuild. Jerry Glanville famously said years ago that NFL stood for “Not For Long,” and impatience has become even more prevalent in the past few seasons.

Raheem Morris took a “rebuilding” Bucs team to a 10-6 season in 2010 but then found himself out of a job a season later. Tom Coughlin won a championship in 2007 but was one loss away from probably losing his job in 2011—lucky for him, the Giants won the Lombardi Trophy again. That ought to buy him another season-and-a-half before the rumors start again.

All of that preamble was just a way to get to this important point: Peyton Manning is a free agent. And as every sportswriter in America has told you, he’s likely the best free agent in the history of the NFL. A surefire, first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, who can be yours if the Price is Right. And he’s dangerously, precipitously, unnervingly close to signing with the Denver Broncos.

But how can this be? Just a couple of months removed from Tebowmaggedon, when the glorious St. Tebow didst vanquish the mighty Steelers with his feet of fury and golden-armed passes!

Apparently, when it comes to Tim Tebow, John Elway is the honey badger—he just don’t care. He looks at his team and sees a strong, play-making defense and some young, speedy receivers, but no quarterback to lead his...

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