Paul Carter, a Raider Fan Since 1976, Hopes Jason Campbell Excels

Raider fans are friendly. If they see you sitting in a fast food restaurant with your Raiders gear, they will introduce themselves and ask if you are from California.

A 48-year-old insurance salesman named Paul Lawrence Carter did just that. Carter is a representative with The Reliable Life Insurance Company. 

He mentioned that his father finished high school with Warren Wells, Oakland Raiders prototype receiver in the late '60s. Carter said that he has been a Raider fan since 1976.

He even stressed that he hoped the Raiders will do better this year. He wants the Oakland Raiders to pull out of a slump. Several others in the small restaurant said the same thing.

All eyes are on Jason Campbell. He has the leadership skills and ability. Now the team needs him to make it happen, and turn the outcome around for consecutive wins, back-to-back, shocking any naysayers who say it cannot be done.

More importantly, folks like Carter truly believe that it can be done. His confidence in the Oakland Raiders showed in his countenance and in his facial expression.

This article is posted to let the Oakland Raiders know that ordinary people, and  businessmen like Paul Carter, are pulling for Campbell and the Oakland Raiders.

It seems that no one wants to see another problem with the quarterback position. Rather, they want to see a powerful turnaround so that the Oakland Raiders can be the team that many of us believe they can be.

Here is a salute to Raider fans across the world. May our hopes become our reality. May the Oakland Raiders begin to win games, back-to-back. And, why not also win the AFC championship in 2010?

And who knows? Why not consider reaching high to become a Super Bowl contender this season?

Many believe that Jason Campbell can do it. Certainly, Carter, who has been a Raider fan since he was 14 yea...

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