Paging Richard Seymour, Al Davis on Line Three…

I'm sure this message has been heard over and over, in the headquarters when Richard is in the building.

The problem i'm wondering about is has Richard stopped picking up the phone?

Sure, last year he was dealt from New England to the Raiders...had to be as invigorating as catching a bucketful of ice water in the summer time. After the shock wears off, you get to play positive/negative during your spare time.

The positive, you're still playing football. The negative, you're with a team that has winning issues.

The positive, you still get a healthy paycheck. The negative, is you'd like to secure it for a longer period...with Al Davis, a dicey situation.

The positive, the fans love you. The negative, as time goes by, they fans start to hate you.

So now we see Richard Seymour, who is starting to look like a mistake by holding out and not practicing in the OTAs.

Ideas have been floated—swapping Richard for Albert Haynesworth—but why trade one headache for another?

The other question that comes up is does Richard think too highly of himself, wanting a ton of money for a subpar season last year?

47 tackles, 4 sacks, a forced fumble, and 3 passes defensed is a lot of price to pay for a first round pick.

I can imagine Al Davis is riding this case hard, simply because it's Al's ability to work the numbers to his advantage. While Al can be known for his meager salaries, he is also known for blowing a lot of cash on questionable deals.

In this case, the only person Richard is going to hurt by holding out is himself. If he doesn't want to play, it means he'll lose a year playing the game he loves and possibly longer, depending on the 2011 season status.

Come on back Richard. Pick up the phone and make the deal.

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