Opening Night in Denver Would Be Great for Raiders and Russell.

The Denver Post has reported that the Denver Broncos want to host the Oakland Raiders on the first Monday of the opening week.

If this happens it will be great news for the Raiders and JaMarcus Russell. The Raiders and Russell have won the last two games in Denver.

Russell has actually played well against the Broncos in his career. He didn't start the game last season, but he came in like Mariano Rivera and closed the game for the Raiders. He also helped close the hopes the Broncos had of making the playoffs.

Russell has a QB rating of 126.8 in Denver with a 68 percent completion percentage. More importantly the Raiders have come out with a win every time Russell has stepped on the field in Denver.

Russell's overall rating vs the Broncos is 89.03 and his completion percentage is 63.

If Russell earns the starting spot during the offseason he'll likely enjoy the fact that he'll start in Denver where he is undefeated.

This would be a great opportunity for the Raiders and Russell to prove to the world that they are ready to turn things around.

A Monday night game vs. a hated divsion rival is the perfect stage for a coming out party.

Last year Bronco fans, and I'm sure the Broncos themselves, were excited to see Russell come into the game when Charlie Frye went down.

That excitement quickly turned to misery when Russell drove the Raiders to the endzone and won the game in the final moments.

Now Denver wants the Raiders and Russell to come back on opening night? Be careful what you wish for Denver.

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