One More Move for Huff Could Mean a Great Defense for the Raiders

Michael Huff has been largely criticized for his play since arriving in Oakland in 2006. Many have looked at his stat sheet and have even called him a bust as a number seven pick.

I don't see it that way.

If you want to go from a standpoint of statistical production vs. place in the draft then you can say so.

However, he is a good football player and has tried his best to do what has been asked of him thus far in his career.

What was asked of him is not his fault. He has played strong safety for the better part of his career and has shut down the best tight ends in the league. The problem is that he simply is not built for stopping the run and making over 100 tackles a year.

Last season saw Huff have somewhat of a breakthrough. He had three interceptions and 14 pass deflections.

Tackling remains a knock on him. Tyvon Branch just had a good season at last year at strong safety and Mike Mitchell is a big hitting safety that had injuries cost him playing time last year.

We all know that Al Davis loves for his picks to play and Huff was Art Shell's pick. So despite finally breaking through at a more natural position for him last year, it seems the walls may be closing in on Huff.

But they don't have to be.

Both Branch and Mitchell are very fast and physical safeties. Mitchell is supposed to be the second coming of Jack Tatum and his college film indicates just that. Injuries slowed him down early in the season but he showed promise once he was healthy late in the season.

Where does that leave Huff, who just started to breakthrough last season. There were many trade rumors involving him but none came into fruition. I believe a move to corner would be just what the doctor ordered for the Raider defense.

What? Another position change? This position change would best fit his natural skill set a...

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