Offseason Moves the Oakland Raiders Need To Make

The Raiders had performed well this season hopefully ending at 8-8. its a great improvement for a franchise that has performed dismally the last seven years. That being said there are several things that must happen this upcoming off-season in order to move forward and return to the Superbowl. 

First and foremost are resigning several players. First among them is Richard Seymour. Richard Seymour  is one of those players who makes everyone around him better. He is the Tom Brady of the defensive line. He brings a mean streak and determination to the game that cannot be replicated by any other player. He has made Tommy Kelly play the way that Al Davis believed he could play when he originally signed him. Next but not any less important is Nnamdi Asougma who is undoubtedly the best corner playing the game right now and probably one of the best to ever play the game. he shuts down one side of the field. he is the most feared corner alive. no quarterback in their right mind even challenges him lest they be intercepted.  Zach Miller is an integral part of the Raiders offense as he is the most reliable receiver the Raiders have. He is a good blocker. he is one of the best Tight Ends playing right now. He should be a Pro Bowler but given the Raiders quarterback situation has failed to be noticed on a substantial level. Next would be Michael Bush. He is the other head of the Raiders two running backs. He is the person you give the ball to on the one yard line. He is like Tyrone Wheatly. This year with the emergence of Marcel Reece the raiders have brought back the triumvirate in Darren McFadden as Charlie Garner Michael Bush as Tyrone Wheatly and Marcel Reece as Zach Crockett. Lastly is Mario Henderson who has shown on multiple times that he can be a dominant Tackle, but on others has looked like he doesn't know what he is doing. He is still young and with more experience or competition could become a pro-bowler.

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