Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha Getting What He Deserves

Nnamdi Asomugha is finally getting what he deserves. While Derelle Revis is faking injuries to get more money, Asomugha looks forward to it.

Is it the $15 million plus he's scheduled to make this season I'm talking about?


Asomugha does deserve to be the highest paid corner in the game. However, it's the pieces that Raiders have put  around him that he deserves the most.

The Raiders addressed their need for a better offensive line in the draft. Third rounder Jared Veldheer and fourth rounder Bruce Campell will at least provide much-needed depth right away. 

The biggest move for the offense is the trade for Jason Campbell. Campbell is a big armed quarterback with accuracy. He also cares. The Campbell trade would ultimately lead to the release of JaMarcus Russell.

This means the Raiders offense should be able to move the chains and let the defense get a rest. Asomugha could use the rest as he plays man coverage almost every snap.

After four years of being the league's best corner, Asomugha should also get help from his own defensive unit. In both personnel and scheme, help seems to have arrived.

In the first round of the draft, the Raiders brought in Butkus Award-winning middle linebacker Rolando McClian to help the stop the run. The Raiders then followed suit in the second round with the pick of DE\DT Lamarr Houston.

The Raiders put the finishing touches on their run defense with the recent  acquisition of defensive tackle John Henderson. These moves should mean that opposing offenses will have to pass more.

Chris Johnson is solid at corner on the other side of Asomugha. Michael Huff seems to have broken through as a free safety, with three picks last year.

The Raiders are already high on defensive end Matt Shau...

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