Oakland: Where the Three Highest-Paid Guys at Their Position Get You a 5-11 Mark

Nnamdi Asomugha, three years, $45.3 million.

Shane Lechler, four years, $16 million.

Now, Sebastian Janikowski, four years, $16 million.

Three guys who are the highest paid players at their position, and they are deserving of it, but where has that gotten us? Seven straight losing seasons.

Was it a good move to sign those three guys, though? Yes, because without them, the Raiders would be a whole lot worse, if you could imagine that.

Also, with JaMarcus Russell being the fifth highest paid QB and Richard Seymour receiving the franchise tag worth over $13 million, the Oakland Raiders have a little over $50 million invested in five guys.

Of course, the Raiders had the highest payroll, coming in at over $150 million.

These five guys amount to a third of the total payroll, while the Kansas City Chiefs had a total payroll of around $83 million.

But why isn't the money paying off? The Raiders went 1-1 against the Chiefs last year, and the Raiders won only one more game from the extra $70 million invested in players.

What can solve this problem? Simple. Figure out what we need, figure out where upgrades are necessary, and sign those players if we don't see any top prospects in the draft.

The Raiders have some main needs this year: the O-Line and D-Line, with MLB included. Other than that, it is just upgrades.

We have eight draft picks this year, and they should be used on these needs and the others for depth and competition.

The Raiders, I don't think, need to be a shopper in free agency this year, because I think if Al does the draft right for once, the roster can be set through the draft.

This is how I hope the draft turns out, which is realistic and will help the team in every position.

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