Oakland, the Draft and Ben Roethlisberger: Is He Worth the Weight?

My, how the situation in Pittsburgh can change.

The Steelers, already having bid farewell to Santonio Holmes, now seems interested in scrubbing their image clean by ditching Ben Roethlisberger. Earlier, it was announced that the quarterback would be sitting out the first six games, more than a third of the season.

Of course, the first thing the Steelers want to do is ditch Roethlisberger, move up in the draft and get on with their lives.

So, how do the Raiders look at this issue?

First and foremost, you would be taking a quarterback with baggage, something that used to work for Oakland, but not recently. Randy Moss was brought in with the belief that he could behave himself and produce. He produced all right, only to stall out in his second year.

Then he gave up and was shipped out to New England to flourish.

Inside bet, that Belichick told Moss, if you don't perform, we'll trade you back to Oakland.

Secondly, is the cost.

Pittsburgh would offer up Roethlisberger, plus their first round pick at No. 18, which would help the Raiders in one regard. They wouldn't be stuck with a large, expensive contract, but they also wouldn't be able to pick one of the top tackles that are up for grabs. A straight quarterback, with a lack of production on the line means Roethlisberger would be a punching bag...something he's used to.

Lastly, does Oakland want a risky quarterback who won't play for almost half the year, or draft a new player, with no baggage?

Personally, I hope the Raiders let this one slide. Perhaps they can offer Roethlisberger later when the costs have dropped. If they don't land Clausen or Tebow after the first two rounds, make a call for a third round and another player for him. But keep the eighth pick handy, we need to protect the QB before we trade for one.

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