Oakland Raiders:Hue Knew? Can The Oakland Raiders Afford To Lose Hue Jackson

Recent news concerning Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has included tension with current head coach Tom Cable, and an emergence as one of the leading head coaching candidates for the 2011 season.

All this talk should be an alarm for Raider Nation. The Raider Nation that has suffered in mediocrity for nearly a decade, only to rise out of the ashes back to respectability in 2010. Many will credit this rise to a number of factors, which can be no doubt true. But one major factor has to be OC Hue Jackson.

I’m not one for throwing a bunch of stats in your face. This season’s offensive improvement can be seen, not only on paper, but as fans, we have seen it every Sunday. The Jags game was perhaps the culmination so far this season, of the Oakland Raiders offensive capabilities and potential.  

But when you have something good, maybe even great... guess what, now everybody wants it. There is talk that Hue Jackson could leave after this season for a head coaching position elsewhere in the league. There is even a possibility for a head coaching job for the rival Denver Broncos. Do you realize how huge of a mistake this would be for the Oakland Raiders?

Losing Hue Jackson after one season means current starting QB Jason Campbell would go into 2011 with yet another OC and system to learn. Can you say setback? 

I've heard fans criticizing Hue this season for certain play-calls or for not taking enough risk. Are you F'n Nuts! Do you not remember last year’s offense? How about the year before that? How about the last seven years of downright offensive offense?

Criticizing Hue Jackson is like a starving kid turning away a Philly cheese steak because he's watching his weight. C’mon Man!

Hue Jackson is the next head coach of the Raiders, get used to it. I have been saying this s...

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