Oakland Raiders: You’ve Got To Want It Bad To Confound the Jacksonville Jaguars

Foreword: This article was written during the last few minutes of the game between the Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders. It was so frustrating that I had to write. Go Raiders!

The Oakland Raiders can still do it. I always make reference to those last eight seconds in 1970 when a play tied the game. The George Blanda kick for the extra point put the Oakland Raiders in the lead by one point. The Raiders turned it around in the last eight seconds.

There are two minutes left as I write this article. Wow! The Oakland Raiders still have a chance because a touchdown was just made.

It's 1:53 to go.

May the spirit of the elders pull for the Oakland Raiders. Come on guys, please win this game.

You can do it. The Raider Nation believes in you. 

You had a powerful start in this game. You maintained the lead for most of the game. Now, regain it and give us a victory.

You have got to want it real bad. We have got to believe you can do it.

Now that Maurice guy who is short and stumpy just slipped through for a touchdown. Now it's 31-38.

Well, there are still opportunities, according to my formula. If eight is divided into 80 seconds there can, theoretically, be 10 chances to recover the lead and win.

Go Raiders! Do like the old guys did. Win in the last seconds!

Now there are six chances to win. Now there are two chances.

Bad boys, what are you going to do?

Note: We lost. Maybe next time? Why not!

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