Oakland Raiders: You’ve Got To Prove a Point and Defeat the Broncos, Again

A Little Pep Talk To Pump It Up!

It's time to move on. The Oakland Raiders have a point to make.

Some folks think it was luck that gave them the victory over the Broncos earlier this season; it was more than luck, in my opinion. To support the opinion of folks like me, the Oakland Raiders definitely have to overcome the Broncos in the upcoming game.

If not, then the game will be considered some type of outlier, and will further demonstrate what some folks believe are inconsistencies in the play-calling of the Oakland Raiders.

Sometimes the Oakland Raiders remind me of the guys in a fight who are overly confident. In a dirty fight, a street fighter not only knocks you down, but then may turn back to his opponent and kick him a few more times to make a point.

The Oakland Raiders played hard in the first half. Then they returned after halftime with a soft, careless approach. What the heck goes on in that locker room or wherever that they would lighten up on the opponent after halftime?

These young, talented players must show ruthlessness on the playing field that continues to the very end of the game. DO NOT LIGHTEN UP!

Go Raiders, and fight for victory to the end of the game.

Don't get full of yourself when things are going well. Why? Because, like somebody said in an earlier article, you ain't done nothing yet until you win a championship or a Super Bowl, again.

Yes, I know it takes time to get in shape for such an awesome goal, but at least aim high, play smart and play hard.

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