Oakland Raiders: Young Artist Inspired To Paint Senior WR’s Hands

I am all excited about the 2010 season. That excitement has spilled over into the lives of those who encounter me and my little pep talks.

One gifted artist came up to me to share her inspiration to paint the hands of an Oakland Raiders wide receiver. I was so touched.

In fact, I just wish that our current wide receivers have those gifted hands and fierce determination of some of the former ones.

The artist said she needed more time to complete the painting, to be done in oil, I believe. But I was so impressed with the work-in-progress, I took a few pictures and wanted to share this project with the Raider Nation.

One colleague said that years ago, the media described this wide receiver's hands as "strong, but soft."

The Oakland Raiders are a great team of past. They have the potential of being a great team in the future. May more artists capture that greatness to be displayed around the world.

I do hope the current Raiders are also inspired by the effort of this young artist. Again, may that inspiration fire up and stir the emotions of the current Raiders.

In 2010, may the Oakland Raiders have more victories and more reasons to be remembered in art and in NFL history.

Go Raiders!

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