Oakland Raiders: Ya’ll So Crazy, Now Scare the Mess Out of the Seahawks-We Won!

Some of you are probably saying that those of us who believe that the Oakland Raiders are going to beat the mess out of the Seattle Seahawks are a little crazy to think that way.

As much as I love to talk about numbers, this time it is important for the passion and drive of the Oakland Raiders to transcend the projections done with numbers. Let's just say that we are looking for the type of excellent performance that Darren McFadden had during the Denver Broncos game last week.

Well, let's take a look at some data from Football Outsiders. 

2010 Efficiency Ratings (Partial)

                        Tot DVOA    Rank      Tot DAVE          Rank      W-L        Off Rank   Def Rank         ST

Seahawks        2.1 percent            14           0.1%            16           4-2          25             11                1

Oakland           -19.8             30           -20.1 percent          26           3-4...

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