Oakland Raiders: Will Tom Cable Be the Head Coach in 2011?

Al Davis is notorious for being quick to fire recent coaches.

Whether it was Bill Callahan, Art Shell, Norv Turner, or Lane "Lance" Kiffin, most head coaches don't last long with the Raiders.

This seems to be changing as current head coach Tom Cable has been retained for a second full season. Should  he not get fired, it would be quite an accomplishment considering the past seven years.

However, what happens to Tom at the end of this season? Here are some scenarios as to what could happen.

Here is scenario one. Let's say the Raiders make the Playoffs in 2010 with a 10-6 record but lose in the divisional round. There has been a new CBA agreement, thus a 2011 season. Oakland's offense was ranked in the top 10 and Hue Jackson now has an opportunity to grab a head-coaching position with a lowly NFL team.

What happens to Tom Cable?

Cable is known to be a great offensive line coach and a huge motivator for players. He's not too good with X's and O's as a head coach, but has the potential to be solid. He's a fan and player favorite.

However, Al Davis wants what he calls a "real" head coach. An offensive-minded guy who's also fiery. Kind of like Jon Gruden. Hue Jackson fits this role.

Obviously, Davis would want Jackson to take over as Head Coach. Tom Cable would then be fired, unfortunately.

Now scenario two. The Raiders are horrid yet again with a 5-11 record, the offense improved a bit but is not quite there, and Cable's job is in serious jeopardy. Al is unhappy and wants to win soon. His solution: fire Cable and promote Hue Jackson. There isn't much to it.

Now the third and final scenario. The Raiders finish with a respectable record and make it to the divisional round in the playoffs. The defense was top five while the offense was 15th. No team is quite ready to take a chance on Hue Jackson.

Al is happy with the winning and is pleas...

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