Oakland Raiders Will Study Their Opponents: Chargers, Broncos, and More

Studying NFL football is like preparing for war on the playing field. Sometimes that war requires you to study your opponent. It is somewhat like reconnaissance. You enter their territory and you scout out their weakness.

It seems more trolls and opponents come to our B/R page lately. What is the intent? You know and I know.

They want to know what we think, what we believe, and how we react to stimuli and confrontation. The answer is clear and simple: We stand up to a challenge and we fight back, forcefully, artfully and creatively.

Over the years many of us have learned to be diplomatic. But, to be diplomatic is not to be foolish. Others will not define our reality or our destiny. We will make the choices and it will be determined by our preparation and our choices.

Sometimes the opponent spies on the Oakland Raiders by examining the articles on the B/R page. The opponents know that the Raider Nation is one of the more informed and passionate fanbases in the NFL and know about the dealings of the Oakland Raiders.

So, the enemy or the opponent will slip in his definition and impose his reality on the Raider Nation by writing and posting opinions to shake the confidence of the Oakland Raiders B/R writers. It's not going to work!

The fans in Raider Nation are discerning and clever. No one will be able to shake our confidence. We know that this year is going to be different. We think, read, study, know and can see the trends, interpolations and extrapolations.

We have an unequivocal stance, firm and strong in our expectations. We believe in the Oakland Raiders.

Raider Nation knows the uniqueness of the Oakland Raiders and we understand the politics of the NFL and of the media.

So step aside because we are moving up. The past patterns of 2003 through 2009 will be broken.

One article this B/R writer read said that Al Davis studi...

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