Oakland Raiders Will Show Kansas City Chiefs Who the BMOC Really Is

During college days, there was the acronym "BMOC" which stood for "Big Man on Campus."

In the '60s, the BMOC was usually a tough guy, a football player, tall and muscular and ready to fight for what he believed in, at the drop of a hat.

The BMOC got his tag because he was like an undefeated champion on the college campus. Few folks would tease or intimidate this man.

Well, the Kansas City Chiefs come from Missouri and that is the state that used to have the motto, "Show me, I'm from Missouri." In just a few more days, the Oakland Raiders will show the Chiefs that they are emerging as the "Bad Men in the AFC West."

A showdown is expected in a few more days. It might play out like the "High Noon" episode in an old movie.

One website ranked various categories such as offense, defense and other statistics. Here is a small sample. You can visit the website for more details.

KC 1 6 5 12 Oak 22 25 16 21
The Football Outsiders have the Kansas City Chiefs ranked above the Oakland Raiders in both the offensive rank and defensive rank.

When the passion of the Oakland Raiders is high, numbers are not an accurate measure of what can happen.

Let's just say that the Oakland Raiders have been acting like the "Bad Men in Coliseum."

For the past two weeks, the Raiders have been making the differential between them and their opponents large and wide, with a 45-point lead and a 30-point lead in consecutive games. That's 75 points gained in an eight-day period.

So, the Kansas City Chiefs may have a "show me" attitude because they are from Missouri, and the Oakland Raiders are quite capable of showing their opponents who, indeed, is the BMOC in the AFC West.

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