Oakland Raiders Will Not Be Satisfied With Another Losing Season—Period

When a player has an opportunity to play in the NFL, he leaves people wanting to know the trials and tribulations it took to get there, as if there is a secret to your success. 

When people ask me, I wish that I could give them a really cool answer; the truth is, however, there is no secret. 

It's no different than anything else: A determined mindset to reach the goals you set for yourself, and a little luck. 

One of the defining characteristic of a NFL player is to never be satisfied.

So, when you hear people make comments like, "The team should be satisfied they did better then last year," that may register with fans but not with the players.

"Almost" is never good enough in the mind of a player.   

Let me tell you something about the mind set of every NFL player, at least the players that are worth a damn: Just playing in the NFL is not good enough.

True players want a Super Bowl under their belt before they lose the chance. 

Time is limited in the NFL and players count years like dog year—with one year equaling seven. This is why players put so much emphasise on practice during the week, as a player will only get between thirty and sixty snaps a game and needs to make every snap count.

The NFL is a harsh place to survive mainly because it's a league that forgets from week to week. It's a performance-based job that will crown you king of the world for winning and will dump you like a bad prom date for losing. 

If players want to be remembered in the NFL, they have to create memories for the fans that will last forever. 

Best way to create a memory is by making it to the playoffs or a Super Bowl.  50 years from now, everyone will still recognize Jim Plunkett as a two-time Supe...

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