Oakland Raiders Will Make the Losing Streak Rest in Peace: Winners, Not Losers!

You already know the patterns of the past. Let's look at the trajectory of winning more games for the future.

It's good to be able to say that at this point in the 2010 season there is a 2-3 win-loss record.

It's even better to see there is an opportunity to get back-to-back wins on Oct. 17. Did you know that 17 has been called a number that denotes "victory." Even if I am wrong, it certainly sounds good.

The kind of determination and wit of Jack Tatum, the assassin, is needed in the game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

Make no mistake. The 49ers are going to fight hard to win the game on Oct. 17. The power, force, and determination of the Oakland Raiders must exceed the desire of the 49ers.

It's more than the fact that we can win. It is stronger. We must win, and it must happened on Oct. 17.

It's been too long that the Oakland Raiders have not had back-to-back victories. It's time for that woeful pattern to be rested, and let it be buried to never raise its ugly head again.

A back-to-back win will do so much for the franchise. It would put a smile on the face of Al Davis.

Tom Cable, too, will give a big smile once that victory is attained.

Go Raiders! Put the deadly old patterns to rest. Rise up, and be the best that you can be. Win again, and again, in 2010.

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