Oakland Raiders: Why Their Draft-Day Trade For Jason Campbell Was A Smart Move

Today, on Day 3 of the Draft, the Washington Redskins traded Jason Campbell to the Oakland Raiders.

Ever since Mike Shannahan was hired, it was expected that Campbell would be traded. He wanted a guy in whom he could trust to run his offense, and when he traded for Donovan McNabb, it was apparent that Campbell wasn’t that guy.

I think this is a win-win situation for all parties.

The Washington Redskins can move forward and eliminate any quarterback controversy distractions. Donovan McNabb can now simply focus on learning the playbook and developing a rapport with his teammates without having Campbell lurking over his shoulder.
When the news broke out Campbell’s former teammate, Devin Thomas released this statement: "I heard about the news, man. It's crazy, but I'm happy that he can get a new start somewhere. It's what he needs, man. He can get a fresh start all the way on the West Coast. He needs to start anew.”

I, honestly, couldn’t agree more with him. While nobody likes being given the boot, Campbell should be excited. Instead of taking a back seat to McNabb, he gets an opportunity to lead the silver and black. 

The Raiders probably benefit the most out of this deal.  First off, let me point out that Campbell is a good quarterback. Last year, he ranked 15th in the league in passer rating with 86.4. Considering that he played behind the 4th worst offensive line in terms of sacks allowed, his performance was very impressive.

In fact, in a Week 14 matchup against the Raiders, Campbell demonstrated his potential to be great. In the win, he posted a career-high 106.5 passer rating.

Moreover, this will create constructive competition for the starting job. It is clear that their former No. 1 overall pick, JaMarcus Russell, is no longer the definite starter; he will have to earn the job. 

If I were a Raiders fan, I would be...

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