Oakland Raiders: Why The Raiders Will Not Release JaMarcus Russell

All season reports(in reality no more than rumors) have been flying regarding JaMarcus Russell. Especially since the Raiders required Jason Campbell in a trade. Earlier this week reports came out suggesting the Raiders would cut JaMarcus before mini-camp... Tomorrow. Some have even suggested that when Russell shows up on Friday, he won't be allowed to participate. Though in the last few days many reporters have back pedaled, suggesting maybe he won't be cut. I say bull-shit—no way the Raiders cut Russell tomorrow. I assure you he will still be on the roster tomorrow. If I'm wrong go ahead and say,"I told you so." Go ahead and rub it in. But I am confident I will be able to tell alot of people,"I told you so", tommorow when Russell is still on the roster JaMarcus will not be cut anytime in the immediate future. And during training camp this summer he will be given a fair chance to make the roster like every other QB. And if he doesn't prove worthy, then and only then will he be cut. Here's a look at why Russell will not be cut.Begin Slideshow


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