Oakland Raiders: Why Michael Bush Is More Valuable Than Darren McFadden

The Oakland Raiders ended their season in disappointment by finishing 8-8 and losing their last game to the San Diego Chargers. This had diminished their playoff hopes for the ninth straight year.

Injury can be speculated as a main factor for the Raiders missing out on the playoffs, especially with their main star of the team Darren McFadden, missing the last nine games of the season with a “sprained foot.”

Injury has been a detrimental factor to Darren McFadden's NFL career. There is no doubt of the talent this young star can bring to the table. However, the problem is his durability. He has played four seasons with the Oakland Raiders and yet has not been able to play a full season for the team without being hurt. 

Now decisions will have to be made with Michael Bush’s contract ending this season. Michael Bush has been an exuberant and reliable back for the Oakland Raiders for the last couple of years and almost hit the 1,000-yard rushing mark by picking up a little over half the carries this season. 

There is no denying that Michael Bush has the ability to be a starting running back for any other team and will be a high prospect in the free agency this upcoming year. If the Raiders are stuck in a situation where Michael Bush wants to be traded, the Raiders might want to offer him a franchise tag, due to the inconsistency of Darren McFadden.

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