Oakland Raiders: Why Just Win Baby, Just Isn’t Enough!

Just win baby! Speed Kills! Pride and Poise! Commitment to Excellence! These are but a few Raider mottos.

As a longtime Raider fan I'd love to see the team turn it around and make all these phrases relevant again. I'd also like to see us win the "Raider Way!"

Many have speculated on what the Raiders need to do to turn things around. Conventional wisdom says the Raiders need to operate more like successful modern franchises.

You know what I'm talking about.

Most seem to think Al Davis needs to relinquish control. He needs to hire a General Manager. He needs to take a hands-off approach to the draft and free agency. He needs to be nothing but a figure-head owner.

This may be a successful modern business model for an NFL franchise. I ask you my fellow Raider fans, would that be any fun?

Would it not be more fun to see Al Davis stick it to the man one last time? Am I wrong or isn't it that rogue way of finding a way to win that led us to become Raider fans in the first place?

I may have reached an advanced stage of lunacy, but I think I'd rather see the Raiders keep losing than to spit on our glorious history and become just another ordinary NFL franchise.

That's why I want to see JaMarcus Russell succeed. I want to see Heyward-Bay become a feared vertical threat. I want to see a tough, nasty defense. I want to see ESPN look even more foolish than they already do. I want to see the Raiders win by playing Raider football!

This team is not as far away as most people seem to think. With a successful offseason in free agency and the draft this team could be a contender right now.

The pieces are falling into place. Hue Jackson knows this, that's why he's not in Chicago. Mike Waufle knows this as well. I think the players know this too. That's why they are supporting Tom Cable.

The Raider organization has plenty of time to do things a different...

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