Oakland Raiders: Why Is Kyle Boller Being “Considered” To Start?

The Raiders went into the regular season with three quarterbacks in Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski and Kyle Boller.  Injuries through the first six weeks have taken out Gradkowski (shoulder) and have hurt Campbell (knee).

So why are we CONSIDERING that Kyle Boller SHOULD start instead of NAMING Kyle Boller the starter for week seven at Denver? 

Bruce Gradkowski tried to play after being injured in Oakland's instant classic win against San Diego in week five and he couldn't do it.  Jason Campbell has a knee injury and behind Oakland's offensive line maximum mobility is needed to escape pass rush and extend plays.

So why is it even a question of whether or not to start Kyle Boller?  It should only be a question on your fantasy team if you want to start Kyle Boller! 

Shane Lechler took some snaps at quarterback on Wednesday at practice which tells you how bad the situation is.  There is no way that a healthy Kyle Boller is worse than an injured Jason Campbell, an injured Bruce Gradkowski and a punter, with all do respect to Shane who played high school QB and is a great punter.

How can Tom Cable even be taking this long to consider the decision?  My guess is that he wants to do a couple of things. A: Keep the Broncos guessing on who to prepare for. B: Cable wants to know his options before jumping to Boller. 

Campbell did show he has potential by leading a comeback against the hated Chargers.  Maybe that's why he is still in the running.

One last thing, if Kyle Boller is the starter and leads to victories I have already found a possible nickname: Kyle Super-Bowller.

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