Oakland Raiders: Why Al Davis Must Promote Hue Jackson As Soon As Possible

Tom Cable was let go by the Oakland Raiders in a move that made many fans and players angry.

This is a move that needed to be done for the Raiders to make the next step and become a playoff team.

Al Davis should not wait too long to make the move that everyone has expected he would make since the day he hired Hue Jackson. Many fans do not know much about Jackson, but the Raiders are in better hands with him as head coach.

If Davis names Jackson the head coach immediately, the team will feel much better about the situation.

Making Jackson the head coach will allow Campbell and the offensive unit to breath easy, as they will be playing under the same scheme and using the same playbook.

Keeping Jackson would also mean that the Raiders will most likely keep John Marshall as the defensive coordinator and the defense won't have to learn a whole knew scheme.

The reality of the situation is that losing Cable doesn't change much. Cable didn't do much with the X's and O's. Changing the schemes and plays is what hurts a team more during a coaching change.

The offense and defense has to learn a whole new system and some players have to learn a whole new way of playing their position. That would not be the case with this move for the Raiders because they are not using Cable's schemes on both side of the ball.

Jackson will bring fire and discipline to the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders used Khalif Barnes as a tight end a lot this year to help the run and also got him involved in the passing game; Jackson brought that from Baltimore's power scheme on offense.

Look for the Raiders to change the way the offensive line blocks, which is a much needed change. The offensive line has been a huge problem for the Raiders since 2002. 

They haven't had an offensive linemen come close to the pro bowl since 2002 and pass protection has been a major issue.

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