Oakland Raiders: Why Al Davis Is Outsmarting All Of Us

In the 2010 NFL season, the Oakland Raiders and their fans saw a glimmer of hope.

They had reached a .500 record for the first time in eight years.

In 2011, the Raiders are playoff-bound, right?

No. Not so fast.

Oakland's enigmatic owner, Mr. Al Davis, fired Tom Cable, the Raiders' Head Coach in 2010. Cable had the support of the players, fans and coaching staff.

Furthermore, half of the players will be free agents in 2011.

Plus, they're disgruntled at the fact Cable has been fired.

Houston, we have a problem.

But really, don't underestimate Al Davis. He's a genius: a maverick, the single most iconic figure in Pro Sports.

He has something, something, up that sleeve of his.

But what?

Well, he's fooling all of us. The joke's on you, ESPN and Chiefs' fans.

A Bleacher Report colleague of mine recently wrote a compelling article making the excellent point that whatever happens this year, Al Davis wins.

He read my mind.

Here, my friends, is why Al Davis has the Raiders on the right track in 2011.

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