Oakland Raiders: Why Al Davis Is Not Crazy, You’re The One Who’s Crazy

Admittedly, that headline is intended to be hyperbolic. I do have a point here however.

This offseason has seen a flurry of rumors around the Oakland Raiders, many regarding who will be the quarterback in 2010.

Donovan McNabb has been a hot topic recently, because historically Al Davis has traded high-picks for players that have only a year left on their contract. In most circles, that reasoning makes no sense.

Just recently, Mr. Davis traded a 3rd round pick for a rental player in Kamerion Wimbley from the Browns.  Wimbley has only a season left on his contract. 

Not only that, but coach Tom Cable has stated that Wimbley will play strong-side linebacker, when Wimbley is not a tackler or great in pass coverage. He's a rusher who apparently will be expected to be a tackler.

Mr. Davis is a gambler, no doubt.  We in Raider Nation don't think he's "crazy,"  nor do we wait on the edge of our seat for the ESPN lead story, "Pro Football Hall of Fame Owner Al Davis of the Oakland Raider has died at the age of... his last words were Just Win, Baby!"

He will however draw our ire for bonehead moves.  DeAngelo Hall knows what I'm talking about. I think we in Raider Nation understand that a great owner deserves leeway when he (or she) makes mistakes.

After all, Mr. Davis built a great team that was not supposed to exist to eventually win three Super Bowls and appear in five all together. Mr. Davis was also able to rack-up the highest winning percentage in the NFL for over 40 years, and was a trailblazer in equal opportunity hiring. And , he lead the former American Football League before it merged with the NFL.

Like I said, you are the one that's crazy.  Crazy with envy.

Yet, all the crows in the sports media can do is compromise their integrity as journalists to sling mud at the Raiders.


Al Davis 2.0


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