Oakland Raiders: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bear? Not the Raiders

Here we go again, getting ready for 2010!

The question: Who's afraid of the big, brown bear called the Chicago Bears?

Just in case you didn't know, a shift of two in the win-loss category put the Chicago Bears ahead of the Oakland Raiders in 2009.

Do you think that puts fear in the Raiders?

Hell no.

What it puts in the Raiders is a fierce determination to kick butt and take names in Aug. 2010.

Now, what do I mean when I say there is a shift by two units? Well, the win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders was 5-11, and the win-loss record for the Bears was 7-9. If you add two to the five wins for the Raiders, and then subtract two from the losses of the Raiders, you conclude with the 7-9 win-loss record for the Bears.

What does that mean to this researcher? It means, as I said before, that the Oakland Raiders must hit the ground, running and winning during the preseason. This, of course, would be uplifting to the morale of the Raider Nation.

It looks like the first two preseason games have the Raiders matched with some tough teams.

Are we going to be afraid?

Absolutely not.

We are going to be fiercely competitive and determined to shift the outcome in a postive direction for the Oakland Raiders.

Why I am writing about this so early?

The answer is: Do not take anything for granted.

Don't waste any time on the field during camp.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Study tapes, study tapes, study tapes.

Curiosity made this researcher look back to 2006.

Oh my goodness!

Here is the data:

Year          Raiders          Bears

2006          2-14         &n...

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