Oakland Raiders: Who Will Be Hue Jackson’s Offensive Coordinator In 2011?

Well, I know it hasn't been announced yet, but the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders is 2010 offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

Al Davis, like I've said plenty of times, does things his way. Al does things differently. I am pretty sure he has known Hue Jackson would be the HC in 2011 since he hired the former Raven assistant last off season.

Now that Hue Jackson is on the cusp of being the lead man in Oakland, he, along with Al Davis, will have to figure out who will be the offensive coordinator. Is Davis going to overload Hue Jackson's duties and make him the HC/OC? I don't think he will.  They will get together and go after a coach that fits what Jackson is doing with the Oakland offense.

I wonder if Hue can get Ravens OC Cam Cameron to join him in Oakland? They obviously are familiar with each other having coached together in Baltimore. This would be the best move we could make as far as offensive coordinators go.  Getting Cameron might be a little too pricey for Al Davis though.    

Jackson and Cameron both like to pound the ball and take shots down field. That also happens to be Davis's favorite style of offense. Who knows? This move could also pay off if Davis wants to make a run at free agents DT Haloti Ngata and LT Jared Gaither.

Another possibility is Al Saunders.  He also worked with Jackson and currently serves as the offensive consultant for the Baltimore Ravens.  He was the OC with the Chiefs when the had the No. 1 ranked offense during a four year span from 2002 through 2005.  

He also was with the Redskins, where he worked with Jason Campbell in '06 and '07. If we can't get Cameron, then Saunders would be another very good fit since he has worked with both Jackson and Campbell.

Maybe Davis will promote a coach from within the staff. Paul Hackett has been with he Raiders for three seasons. He's served as the QB coach the last two ...

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