Oakland Raiders Who Deserve The Hall Of Fame

I came up with a list of Raiders who deserve the Hall of Fame and followed up with reasons why. I'm really sick and tired of guys who spent the bulk of their careers with the Raiders getting bypassed for the Hall of Fame. The last three players to be inducted were only with us less than five years each. 

P Ray Guy : Guy was the best Punter ever in the NFL. He is often bypassed every year.  If Punters have no place in the Hall of Fame then they have no place in the NFL. He is a seven-time Pro Bowler and a three-time first team All-Pro.

WR Tim Brown : Brown should've been a first year eligible induction. He was neck-and-neck with Jerry Rice on career numbers, and never once had a Hall of Fame QB throwing to him, while Rice had two different ones. He has 14,934 receiving yards and 100 TD, none came from a Hall of Fame QB, plus all his return stats.

WR Cliff Branch: Branch is a three-time Super Bowl champion. He was a major part of the Raider receiving game all his years. He is a four-time Pro Bowler and a three-time first team All Pro. He has 8,685 yards receiving and 67 TD. 

QB Jim Plunkett: The only two-time Super Bowl champion starting QB that is not in the Hall of Fame. It is most likely because of his early career struggles with New England and San Francisco. He came to the Raiders and turned around a struggling offense and led them to a Super Bowl championship from the wild card position, and then would lead them to another three years later. If he just had one championship you could argue that he was just surrounded by talent, but two says that he was a leader and he had game... His previous teams were just that bad. In my book, he's the best QB to never earn a Pro Bowl nod.

HC Tom Flores: Two-time Super Bowl winning coach is not in the Hall of Fame, but Marv Levy, a four-time Super Bowl losing coach is (or at least I think he is)? It seems like Raiders have ...

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