Oakland Raiders Who Are Changing The Culture In Raider Nation

For the last seven years, Oakland has been the place where players go to end their careers and pick up their last few million from Raider owner Al Davis. The passion and the warrior spirit were things of the past in Raider Nation.

The non-caring culture had spread to the fans too as the 11 straight black-outs would indicate. Suddenly, midway through the season, a change has set about in Raider Nation.  

Winning is obviously the cure-all for any woes a franchise may have but one thing must happen first. The mentality must change along with the work ethic, discipline, and attention to detail.

That is what you call a culture change with a football team.

Davis had his work cut out for him and first called upon Tom Cable to run the ship. What Davis surrounded Cable with was what the doctor ordered for Cable to set about this change.

I have wrongfully called for his firing earlier in the season due to some questionable personnel decisions. Some of them remain but I can't overlook the way Cable has developed a winning mentality with the team.

He has had plenty of help from some of his players.

Turn the page to see who they are.

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