Oakland Raiders: Which Fullback Will Lead the Way?

One of the key ingredients of nearly every great running team is the fullback. They lead the way and open up lanes while the halfback runs to daylight and glory. More often than not, fullbacks go unnoticed until they are gone and needed. First and foremost the most important skill a fullback must possess is the ability to block, both in pass protection and coming out of the backfield. Next, though not nearly as important as blocking, are short yardage ball carrying and receiving skills. In his prime, LaDainian Tomlinson had Lorenzo Neal; at the turn of the century the Raiders had Jon Ritchie and Zack Crockett; and more recently the Ravens had Le'Ron McClain. Last year the Raiders suffered injuries and suspension, among other things, that hampered the fullback position and ultimately hurt the run game. At one point the Raiders had a beast of a fullback named Oren O'Neal. At 5'11" and 245 lbs, some described him as a bowling ball knocking over linebackers like pins. But season-ending injuries two years in a row prompted the team to release him. Now there is an entire fleet of fullbacks competing for the job. Here's a look at the Raiders potential future fullbacks. Begin Slideshow


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