Oakland Raiders: Which Draft Was Better—2007 or 2008?

Is it quality or quantity when it comes to judging how good of a draft you had?  Let's look at the Oakland Raiders' drafts from 2007 (11 picks) and 2008 (five picks).  Now some picks from 2008 were traded to acquire the 2007 picks, but to me whatever year the player was drafted is the year that counts.  If a pick was traded for a player, then it doesn't count.



1. Jamarcus Russell—currently seeking NFL employment and fighting a possession of codeine charge.

2. Zach Miller—currently the starting TE and is pro bowl caliber. 

3a. Quentin Moses—cut from camp in 2007. 

3b. Mario Henderson—currently the starting left tackle fighting to keep his job. 

3c. Johnnie Lee Higgins—currently the punt returner who is fighting to keep his job.  Also sees time at WR and is fighting for playing time there. 

4a. Michael Bush—splits time at RB and was the leading rusher last year. 

4b. John Bowie—often injured DB and was never worth anything. 

5a. Jay Richardson—rotates in on the DL and is fighting for his roster spot.

5b. Eric Frampton—cut from camp in 2007. 

6. Oren O'Neal—solid FB who had a good rookie year but couldn't stay healthy after that. 

7. Jonathan Holland—practice squader that has played both WR and CB.



1. Darren McFadden—splits time at RB and is often injured. 

4a. Tyvonn Branch—currently the starting SS and led all DBs in tackles last year. 

4b. Arman Shields—WR injured in camp as a rookie and failed physical in 2008. 

6. Trevor Scott—tied for Raider lead in sacks the last two years.  Started at DE and moved to LB where he currently sta...

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