Oakland Raiders: Where Have the Lovers and Diehard Fans Gone?

It's been more than a year that I have been contributing to the Oakland Raiders' page. Some of the folks who were involved in the great debate about the needs of the team are nowhere to be seen or heard these days on the Oakland Raiders' page.

Where have some of the lovers gone? Admittedly, we may have disagreed with some viewpoints, but surely some of the guys enjoy a good debate and did not quit.

I just hope that some of these guys have gone on to taller heights in sports writing and that they just might come back and say hello to those of us who are still trying to share our viewpoint. We continue to cheer for the Oakland Raiders.

The list can be long, but the ones I have noticed that are AWOL (smiles) are:


Al's Wingman

Bret, although I recently saw his article

And, most of all, where are the ladies who certainly have something to say?

Sometimes the readers are critical, but that is a good thing. That stimulates growth in our discussion of the Oakland Raiders. I am sure others will join me in encouraging more folks to get in here and speak your mind. Why? Because we believe this is going to be one of best seasons the Oakland Raiders have had in years. Do you agree?

A good discussion (or fight) in the comment strand is good for the soul. It sharpens our wits and we all know that iron sharpens iron.

Well, this article is designed to cheer us on during the training season or off season. It need not be long, but it is sincere.

You see, if the guys are too busy doing other great things, then that's a good thing.

But, if some of the guys are disconnected and uninvolved because of other matters like economics or health, then it just may encourage them to know the following

Some of us miss you.

We hope everything is going well.

Drop by and say hello, from tim...

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