Oakland Raiders: Where Do They Go From Here? Our Last Gasp To Beat Kansas City

We know that it's difficult for the young, talented players to play their final game of the 2010 season while realizing that they missed the playoffs in 2010.

Deal with it.

Go into the game on Sunday with the same determination you had in earlier games. Let your fury rise up since you missed a great opportunity this season. Show the world you deserved more this season, except for some blunders which can be "fixed" before 2011.

We know that it is hard to think about putting in your best effort when it may not really matter in the minds of some people.

However, it does matter. 

An 8-8 record will look really good and show a phenomenal amount of growth during the 2010 season.

Ending the 2010 season with a powerful statement, a win in the last game would set the expectation high for the 2011 season, in my opinion.

It takes a lot of guts to fight hard in a game that will not give you the honor and recognition you need but at least will set a positive tone for the future. Demonstrate that "gutsy" attitude, Oakland Raiders, and give us a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Play hard, play smart and end the season with an upbeat show of dignity and power.

Go Raiders!

Even if it is during your last gasp of the game in the fourth quarter during the last few seconds, give us a cliffhanger, a win in the last game of 2010!


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