Oakland Raiders: What Would It Take To Get Logan Mankins?

While the Oakland Raiders had a spectacular 2010 off-season, there are still a couple weaknesses here and there.

The biggest weakness, of course, is the o-line.

The Raiders definitely need to provide protection for newly acquired quarterback Jason Campbell.

Enter Logan Mankins.

Mankins is an offensive guard for the New England Patriots. He's also one of the many restricted free agents who are frustrated and want to be traded.

Mankins even denied a give year, $35 million contract.

However, that's not a red flag. Most report that this is out of character for the guard and that he's disgruntled because of the uncertainty about a new CBA.

Quite obviously, he will not play in a Patriots uniform again.

Mankins is known to man the line that practically makes Tom Brady the player he is.

Logan is a two-time Pro Bowler who wants to be traded, and the Raiders are a team who needs help on the offensive line.

Ding ding ding! We have a match, folks!

The question is, what would it take to get him into a Raiders uniform? Here are some trade possibilities and why or why not a trade would work out for the Raiders at all. Enjoy!


Why a trade would work

Oakland is desperate for a proven starter like Mankins on the offensive line. While guard is not the most blaring need, Cooper Carlisle is not exactly solid anymore. However, Logan played tackle in college. Maybe the Raiders could convert him back and have him be the future left tackle. At 28, he still has a good five to seven years left in the tank.

Why it wouldn't

The Raiders may be cautious about Mankins. The fact that he denied a $7 million a year contract could scare Oakland off. However, a player of his caliber definitely deserves proper compensation. Maybe the Raiders won't be so quick to inquire about any of the Patriot's players a...

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