Oakland Raiders: What Will New GM Reggie McKenzie Do with Carson Palmer?

For over 40 years, Al Davis was the heart, soul and character of the Oakland Raiders—until his death in October of last year. The franchise itself personified the rebel attitude of its maverick owner, general manager, managing partner and captain. Since he first grabbed the reins as their head coach back in 1963, Davis had been the Raiders—and the Raiders were Al Davis.

It didn’t take long for the Raiders to change their identity, however.

On Tuesday, Oakland formally announced the hiring of the first general manager not named Al Davis in team history—Reggie McKenzie. And within hours at the helm, McKenzie made his first decision, one that ushers in a new era in the Oakland Raiders’ lore. McKenzie quickly fired coach Hue Jackson, a move that is paradoxically reminiscent of Davis, a tendency of his throughout his reign.

The decision comes as somewhat of a shock to the Raiders organization, players and fan base, as Jackson was considered to be a likable coach with a fiery passion for the team. Furthermore, his confidence in the ball club was something many felt the team could build upon—after all, 2011 was his rookie season as a head coach, and he persevered through tremendous tumult, notably numerous player injuries and, of course, the death of Mr. Davis.

But according to CSNBayArea.com, McKenzie wanted a fresh new start. "The decision to move forward and where we are going into this new era, it's going to be a time for change,” stated McKenzie, at his introductory news conference. “I felt there was a need for change at the head coaching position, from the top. We're moving into a new era. No disrespect to coach Jackson but this was something I wanted to do, start anew."

It appears that McKenzie wants to bring in his own personnel, people who he trusts and knows well. Jackson alluded to McKenzie wanting to “gut this place,” ridding the old leadershi...

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