Oakland Raiders: What to Expect From Them in 2010 (Game-by-Game Analysis)

Dancing in the streets was the scene in Oakland California as the Raiders finally unloaded JaMarcus [cough] Russell none too soon for Jason Campbell.

We know that has to be a three to four game improvement right there.

Without the point spreads involved I run about 80 percent correct most of the time, so this should be a simple breakdown of the Raiders season that will be fairly accurate.

In handicapping football games correctly, I have no favorites.

I spent four weeks on Week One of the NFL 2010 season and remember Oakland plays Tennessee on the road the first game.

After Tennessee's horrendous start last season at 0-6, I somehow doubt if Jeff Fisher will allow that to happen again.

That, coupled with new faces in Oakland, the travel, and having to defend one of the premier fantasy running backs in football, Oakland starts off with a loss.

In fact. this would be a strong pick in Week One, even perhaps surrendering 7-10 points against the spread.

In week two, we find the Raiders at home playing one of the worst teams in football last season, if not the worst.

Lets give Raider Nation the benefit of the doubt, and hope you can beat a rookie Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson.

Record thus far? 1-1.

Game three for the Raiders will be a toss-up as they take on the Arizona Cardinals on the road.

The pass defense will be tested against a big time receiver, but I think they might surprise a few folks on this one. Matt Leinart does not strike fear into the heart of any defense I know.

They will play the run well, and grab a win on the road. This game is a toss-up prediction wise, but I will most likely pick the Raiders when the time comes. But look for Oakland to be 2-1.

Week four brings Houston to the Bay Area. This is a dangerous team, especially after their slow starts every season. By now, Houston ...

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