Oakland Raiders What If: What If Jason Campbell Hadn’t Gotten Injured?

Professional sports is full of what ifs and what could haves.  There's no sport more exciting than professional football, which is always full of controversy.  The NFL has a rich history of blown calls, questionable acts, and many more.  As suspected, the Oakland Raiders have always been the center of excitement.

This past season, the Oakland Raiders have had one of the most up-and-down seasons ever.  Poised to make their first playoff appearance since their Super Bowl blowout, the team dealt with the death of their beloved owner, a treacherous defense that lost half of the games and the loss of their starting quarterback, who was starting to turn the franchise and his career around. 

But what if Jason Campbell never broke his collarbone?  What if he never scrambled and Scott Fujita never fell on top of him?  What could have happened?  Would the Raiders have made their first playoff appearance since 2002?  

I'll discuss all of this in the first entry of my new "Oakland Raiders What If" series. 

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