Oakland Raiders: What Got the Raiders to Week 9 and How To Use It Against Denver

This NFL season has promised to be anything but ordinary.

The lockout gave teams with younger players the advantage early on as those same players could bring that fire and youth from the start, where as older teams, those that were more ''structured,'' took a bit longer to reach their usual playing methods.

With half the season complete, who would have thought both Bay Teams (SF & Oakland) would be in playoff talks, the Bills would be looking unstoppable and Cam Newton would be on course  to break Peyton Manning records and oh yeah..

The Chiefs shutting the Raiders out at home in Oakland.

No..No tomfoolery here, all of this has either happened or is happening.

Carson Palmer's presence in Oakland has its believers as well as its skeptics in Raider Nation. Like most other seminal moments in the Raiders' organization, there is never one clear cut winner; there always seems to be a sense of controversy in the air.

Last year? Campbell vs. Gradkowski—who should lead the Raiders? Some made claims that Gradkowski had earned the spot, going so far as to boo Jason Campbell during a home game.

Also last year, there was the firing of Tom Cable. Many (myself included) felt that Cable's progress with the team earned him more time as head coach in Oakland,

This year, many were upset that Nnamdi Asomugha left and even angrier that Zach Miller was allowed to leave as well..

But on the flip side? Many supported Campbell over Gradkowski and supported Cable's firing, as they did with seeing Nnamdi and Miller go on their respective paths.

Now? Halfway through the season many fans do not miss Nnamdi's presence, as they do not miss Zach and Cable either. The best part of being a part of Raider Nation is watching how one move by upper management will cause a ruckus and turn brother against brother (within the Nation) in a second,...

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