Oakland Raiders: What a Difference a Point Makes (Points Differential Study)

There are so many opinions and so many ways to aggregate the data to describe the history of the Oakland Raiders.

This article focuses on the point-differential per season. It measures the amount of points the Raiders allowed their opponents to gather during each season.

Several observations can be made:

1. In 1969, the Oakland Raiders outscored their opponents by 235 points.

2. In 1968, there was another all-time high of plus 220 points. In other words, in those days the Raiders scored much more than their opponents.

3. John Madden had a 10 year record as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, and for each of those years, the cumulative score was positive, indicating the Oakland Raiders outscored the opponent for 10 consecutive years during that historical era.

The accomplishments of John Madden were not done by one man, but by many men who played well as a team. Madden was at the helm of his successful coaching journey, and the others have shared his glorious career with the Oakland Raiders. A list of the players who helped Madden lead the Oakland Raiders through some golden years is shown in the above chart .

Recently the Raiders hit an all time low, allowing their opponents to outscore them by 182 points, which is recorded as -182. The only other time the points-differential score was so low was in 1961, when the number was -221.

This is the first time in the history of the Oakland Raiders that there is a long list of negative cumulative scores, indicating that the opponents are getting in the endzone much more often than the Raiders.

Here is the list of the negative years:

Year       PtDiff       Coach

2009       -182        Cable

2008       -125        Cable/Kiffin

2007       -115        Kiffin

2006       -164        S...

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