Oakland Raiders Welcome Colt Brennan: Believe It or Not, He’s a Perfect Fit

Let me stretch your mind and tease your intellect with the discoveries I made today while researching one of the newly signed Oakland Raiders, Colt Brennan.

First, I started by researching his name. Why? The name Brennan is similar to my family name, Brannon. It is as simple as that.

I discovered that Brennan and Brannon are indeed connected in some way. So, I looked up the meaning of Brennan. It means "raven."

Now, I am going to conjecture that Colt Brennan is a perfect fit for the Oakland Raiders. Why would I make that claim so soon?

Let's just say the Cherokee Indian part of me and the Irish part of me are awakened.

I decided to see if I could find connections, not in a mathematical way, but in another unusual way of thinking.

I delved deeper, seeking more definitions. I looked up, therefore, the meaning of raven.

And wow, here is what was discovered.

In the Native American culture, it is said that the raven symbolizes the void, the mystery of that which is not yet formed.

And here is a "punch line," and I will give the link to this quote:

"Ravens are symbolic of the Black Hole in Space, which draws in all energy toward itself and releases it in new forms."

Now what fanbase uses the phrase "black hole?" Who else? The Raider Nation.

Folks who read my articles know I enjoy doing pattern recognition using numbers and graphs. But this is a remarkable finding, and, of course, probabilistic in nature.

You can call it chance. It is so precise that I am going to call it destiny.

So, let us welcome Colt Brennan, the new Oakland Raider whose surname means "raven."

Welcome to the team, as you bring wisdom and more talent and determination.

Another amazing coincidence and finding is that in Chinese mythology it is believed, according to a quote, ...

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